EDL Party in New York

This is a new blog dedicated to celebrating the best of intentional community living, past, present and future! What better way to start than by bringing news of the reunion party in New York over the past weekend bringing Emissary of Divine Light members from many decades together?

The host was the ineffable Randyl Appel, who worked long and hard to make this event the success it obviously was.

Here in Oregon, I poured through the photos going up on Randyl’s Facebook site, looking for beloved faces from my past.

Lisa Campana; Randyl Appel

Lisa Campana and Host of the NY EDL Family Reunion, Randyl Appel

New York Group Shot

Cher Skoubo, Maria Jimenez Frid, Jim Frid, Keith Fairmont, Michael Baim, Trevor Baim, Mary Shannon Baim, Greg Botz

Greg Botz; Michael Baim

Skip Pizzi (I don't know him), but there's Greg Botz and Michael Baim, both of whom lived at Glen Ivy Community back in my day!

If you are an Em or Ex-Em, go to Randyl’s Facebook page to see his entire album.

If you were there, please leave a post and tell us what went on or how you liked the party.