Four Things This Blog Can Do For YOU: My first blog entry after a long hiatus introducing my vision for its future

Hi, Everyone!

Glen Ivy Community Dinner Party Mid-1980s

In August, I posted a eulogy forEric Crocker. You sent in your comments and memories of Eric from all over the world. I felt embarrassed and stopped writing for a while because I wasn’t the grieving widow; Jeannie Kezlan is. I’m just an old girlfriend who also happens to be a writer and a blogger.

A public forum like a blog is able to act as a community hall where many voices may be heard. I understand that a lot better now. However, I had to take a break after the blog about Eric to take time to think and reorganize my brain about us—you, me, and a blog where we can go deeper sometimes than we can on Facebook on the many topics that interest us Emissaries, mostly ex-Emissaries, and intentional communitarians living in eco-villages and other alternative towns all over the world. That’s us! You. Me. Throw in a few people from my community college world, and my god, who isn’t in some kind of community worth talking about?

Social Media, Watercolor by my sister, Cheryl Renee Long

But running a blog is like running a magazine; I have to be in it for the long haul. It takes time, thoughtfulness, and a willingness to let many voices be heard. The part of me cracking the whip to get on this project is the old Newslight reporter in me. She’s still hunched over an old Smith Coronamatic up in her Glen Ivy Lodge attic room banging out the news of the month.

  • Francine Ladd posted pixs from our 1979 YES Group at Glen Ivy, and I suddenly realized what a wealth of untold stories are out there in the hearts and minds of old YES-Groupers everywhere.
1979 YES Group at the Glen Ivy Community

1979 YES Group at the Glen Ivy Community; Me on the left, Jody Blechman Isaacs, Francine Ladd, Tracy Carrara, Johnny Amey, Chris Ayres, Dave Sarbeck, Darrell Droguett, David Reis

These events and memories don’t interest the entire planet; I get that. But for some of us, it’s these threads of memory that weave us back together. Many of us broke with the past a little more completely than we wanted to, once all the dust had settled after Martin’s death. Facebook has brought us back together. I hope this blog can act as a forum for two-way seeing: looking inward to the past and outward to the present.

Four Things This Blog Can Do For YOU!

1.     Connect to other Em and ex-Em bloggers; tell me who you are and let’s blogroll together!

2.     Explore memories of our shared past; remember, I am first and foremost a memoirist–I love to hear your stories!

3.     Promote your events, your communities, your projects!

4.     Welcome in people who are living in community now and explore and celebrate their experiences, interests and concerns.

If you want to subscribe (free, obviously) to this blog, remember, you can put it on your Google Reader or i-Google homepage, Yahoo homepage, etc. Ask me how!

Do you have other ideas about how this blog can serve our far-flung community? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sandy Brown Jensen 2006

Sandy sez "Bye for now!" and credits Michael Paige Photography for making me look so good!


8 thoughts on “Four Things This Blog Can Do For YOU: My first blog entry after a long hiatus introducing my vision for its future

  1. Needed! Thanks. We ALL have something to was never quiet at Glen Ivy and I suspect at any Emissary center….

    Good bad or otherwise we were in bed (well maybe you and a few others) with each other for the long haul. Change is inevitable and so it is…hearts and heart moments were forged in pioneering days ready to again touch that space between. Love in this moment and always, gloria

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Great hearing from you. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and the site is receiving around 1500 hits weekly from all over the world. The passionate interests which drew me to EDL and 100 Mile Lodge are alive and well, as you’ll see. It is the Dawn of the Golden Age, not imminent lockdown of prison planet earth. Uranda’s and Aumra’s (Martin’s) vision and the pioneering we dived into in our 265 communal homes and 13 rural communities continues in myriad ways. Please enjoy my blog, my variation on the theme of our awakening, expressing Spirit and taking responsibility for this sacred planet. Accessible by live link from my website .


    David Thatcher

  3. David,
    Thanks for your willingness to “blogroll together”! I also didn’t have those exact numbers, and that helps me think about the scope of our Great Adventure.
    You call Martin Aumra; I have those old Young Explorer papers on my desk right now where Uranda lays out all those magical names. I can’t help but feel Uranda was struggling to find a metaphor for something almost unspeakable he saw in his mind’s eye. He was trying to find a language for that symphony in his head, but unlike Beethoven, he didn’t have music as the greater language for such great thought forms.


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