Interview with Randyl Appel, Part 3, Host of NY Emissary Family Reunion

This is the third and last installment of my Facebook interview with Randyl Appel, Host of the New York Emissary Family Reunion Aug. 6, 7, and 8, 2010 attended by over fifty people.

Sandy Brown Jensen:

Randyl, was there one personal moment when it all came together for you that made you say, “THIS is the reason I went to all this effort? THIS made it all worthwhile?”

Randyl Appel August 11, 2010 at 1:25pm

Great question, Sandy! And there are probably a few answers to that one.

  • I grew up in EDL. My parents went to class in 1967. Here’s proof:
  • Host opf New York Emissary reunion Party

    Randyl Appel not too long ago (1969?)

  • I loved it. It was funky, it was always changing, and my life seemed bigger than many of my peers’ lives. I wanted to honor that life with this event.
  • All the effort that went into organizing the party was all “worth it” the minute people started truly committing with hotel and airline reservations. The moment it started to feel like it was really happening, I thought….”excellent!”
Dancers at the Emissary Family Reunion

Debra Stein, Warwickshire, and Randyl get down! Get funky!

  • I knew people would stay at my folks’ house for at least part of the time. They live locally and love to host. And if people were coming it meant the house would get cleaned. My older brother is a classic ‘hoarder’ and he takes over the upstairs of the house. It’s exhausting to confront. But with a party and the possibility of guests, we could all rally and take back the house! (that happened btw!)
Jody Isaacs at the Emissary Family Reunion

Jody Isaacs from Massachusetts flashes her signature full-watt smile

  • I love parties! I love dancing! I love to sing! Any excuse to let loose is fine by me. This was a great excuse.

Pam Gray at Emissary Family Reunion

Pam Gray, Lake Elsinore, CA showing the kids how it's done

  • The very BEST moments? Watching the first hugs as people ran into each other in the hotel lobby. That was breathtaking.
Greg Botz at the Emissary Family Reunion

Greg Botz has arrived: let the party begin!


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