EDL Family Reunion in New York: Part II of an Interview with Randyl Appel, Event Coordinator

Sandy Brown Jensen: Welcome to Part Two of my Facebook interview with Randyl Appel, host of an Emissary Family Reunion given in New York the weekend of August 6, 7, and 8, 2010. If you missed the first installment, look to the top of the page for the little arrow pointing you to the right.

Randyl, did anyone work with you, or was this a one-man show?

Randyl Appel August 10, 2010 at 6:36pm

The most important person I had working with me was 3000 miles away in Huntington Beach. Lisa Campana was a great sounding board. I can’t thank her enough for that.

Lisa Campana, Mover, Shaker, Muse!

I was able to bounce ideas off of her. She’d make suggestions and the interplay was amazing. Lisa also hosted the bagel brunch we had Sunday morning and that went extremely well. How do you go wrong with New York bagels, Nova Scotia lox, white fish and tomatoes?

I also want to send a shout out to Nancy Leefe who helped secure the park location and who also did the picnic grocery shopping.

Logistically, the process included two parts:

1) The communication: We had a “group page” that we had created for Facebook, and we also used the eVite free invitation system, which allowed us to reach people via email who were not on Facebook. The advent of Facebook, btw (by the way), is what made this all possible.

2) The organization: I worked a lot with our host hotel for the signature event, which was the cocktail party on Saturday night. The Hotel concierge was wonderful in helping us secure group rate tickets for the Circle Line Cruise.

Then there were myriad little details like, “How do we get the 50 plus people across town or to the picnic or to the Broadway show?” etc. So much coordination of movement! I LOVED IT…maybe it’s the Virgo in me!

Michael Baim, Crested Butte, CO, and Randyl get down!

Sandy Brown Jensen: This sounds like it could have been a big, scary event. What was your biggest fear?

Randyl Appel
August 10, 2010 at 8:29pm

I don’t know if I had fear about this…but I had concerns:

  • Would anybody drag unresolved issues forward? One of my key phrases was, “No unfinished business will be served at this party.” It’s 15-20 years later. If you have stuff you haven’t dealt with…this party was NOT the forum for that. In fact if you haven’t dealt with unfinished business, you have bigger issues than not being able to bring them to a party.
  • I was concerned that people have a great time. I was, after all, dragging them across country and even across the Atlantic Ocean. There had to be more than just a chance to say hello. There had to be some structure to the play time.
  • And of course I was concerned that nobody would come! You put something like this out there, and you wonder if it will be like Charlie Brown having a party that nobody attends.

Sandy Brown Jensen:
At this point, I asked John Gray to microblog on the party. He and his wife Pamela came from Southern California to join the festivities in New York. They were decades-long focalizers of the Glen Ivy Emissary intentional community.

John Gray:

I think Pamela and I were among a first few on whom Randyl tested the idea of having a reunion party, and we committed right away to be there.

The weekend arrived, and great New York summer weather welcomed a perfect and unlikely a group (as Emissaries ever were), self-selecting to reunite.

Debra Stein, Warwickshire, England and John Gray, Lake Elsinore, CA. Old friends reunited at the NY Emissary Family Reunion

Dinners, a Broadway show, a cruise around Manhattan Island, the Party, the after-party, the Central Park recovery picnic, were all permeated by conversations, laughter, dancing, singing (well, lubricated Karaoke) and all-around, agenda-free revelry.

"Well-lubricated Karaoke, and all-around, agenda-free revelry!"

Some of us could measure in decades the last time we’d seen each other, yet there we were, older faces framing the same eyes, sparkling and luminous as ever.

(Meanwhile, Randyl has been lost in thought and wants to add something to the question, “What was your biggest fear?”)

Randyl Appel:

While I wouldn’t go back…can’t really…to the Emissary structure that I experienced as a young man in the 1980s, I really loved the vast majority of my time in those intentional communities like Glen Ivy. Great people. (Some cheesedoodles in the crowd but whatever…)

I learned the art of critical thinking in intentional community. I had so many chances to create and to play and, of course, to wash dishes. Loved it!

One of my concerns for myself is for my good memories not to continue to be challenged by the shadow stuff that was definitely there. I loved high school after all, and I hated high school, after all.  So I just don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water even now! Especially now!

The reality was that when I was an active Emissary living in community,  I was too young to have gotten ensnarled in any of the politics that may have been present, so I was not really beat up by the leadership shadow aspect that plagued [many of] us in the late 80s and early 90s. I had free reign to play and create and manifest. I loved my creative life in community, and I sought to honor it by bringing friends together, who for a moment, 15 years ago, all found themselves in crisis simultaneously.

Sandy Brown Jensen: Blog visitors, Randyl has opened a provocative line of thought. What does his thinking prompt in you to say? Leave a message!


6 thoughts on “EDL Family Reunion in New York: Part II of an Interview with Randyl Appel, Event Coordinator

  1. Glad this opportunity is presenting itself. I became involved in EDL because I was/am awakening to spiritual source–a common them, I’ll bet. (Take a deep breath–it’s ok. I won’t take long!) I am blessed/cursed with extensive interdimensional awareness. I’m a triple Aquarian–that’s my excuse!! The best overview/context I’ve found to help make sense of all this inner awareness was what Uranda taught in his classes, and in further hidden material I passionately ferreted out. My time at The Hundred, and in our global community was for me akin to living in a greenhouse, on an otherwise rather cold planet. When EDL “transitioned”, my awakening passion took me to India 5 times, where extensive memories and visions (not all of paradise) opened before my mind’s eye. The website http://www.thecosmicalarmclock.com and new book of this title describes as best I’m able the doorway through which I’m passing into the emerging Golden Age. I wish to have my life make sense as part of a larger unfolding design…and I offer this website because some of you old friends may find it useful, even inspiring, as we move more deeply into the conclusion of 18,000 years of thinking that we’re somehow separate from Spirit. Complimentary copies available upon request. Namaste baby!

  2. Have as much creative fun as possible and own the rest , has been my salvation over the years. My freedom is conscious choice and self forgiveness and on a good day simply amusement for the states I get caught in. I love conscious connection with out getting caught in “story”

  3. I’m glad to consider all that has been said as vet relevant to me. I really had fun doing Broadway music with Randyl. It was a joy to be in that creative collaboration.

  4. Like David, I as well am blessed/cursed with being a triple aquarius so the perspective of the transition from the Glen Ivy community living to back on the family homestead was fairly unique. As a practicing astrologer I was observing the culmination of the planets uranus, neptune and saturn as they moved through Capricorn and danced with each other and the rest of us during the transitional period of the end of the 80’s and into the early 90’s. Capricorn represents, among other things the focus at the level of any organizations top structure. Kind of like the boss as holding things together or coming up with a scenario to move forward.
    As uranus which often has a tendency to shake things up very radically met with neptune which has the unique ability to pour forth the water of truth and see just what things are made of was joined by saturn the great “teacher” or life lesson planet of structure, we were each being asked to step forth and assume a level of responsibility that we had been espousing for some time. There was a definite move afoot at that time to re-organize on many different platforms around the planet. It was not just in the emissary program that this was transpiring.
    As Randyl mentioned the transition of 15 years ago was the advent of Pluto into sagittarius. Sagittarius is the home of the quest, the voyage toward a higher cause. Often referred to as the sign related to spiritual values and religion. Now pluto on the other hand has some pretty dynamic qualities of it’s own which it brings to bear on each astrological sign it is passing through. Pluto (hades) is that vehicle that digs deep to ferret out what is behind meaning. There is a certain relentless pursuit this instigates. It is a process of bringing out all the skeletons in the closet and exposing them to all who would be paying attention. Pluto’s sojourn in any sign last for quite some years (about 13 for sagittarius through pisces). So beginning in 1995 pluto started to dig into the whole religious arena and things began to emerge into the public domain that were somewhat disturbing about some sacred cows on planet earth.
    Current time finds pluto entered into Capricorn, so a process has begun to do some digging and exposing of skeletons that have been hidden from the public in relation to how business functions and government functions. Pluto’s orbit is about 250 years so the last time for this kind of exposure was during our country’s birth.
    We occupy a very unique time in history at the moment, and aren’t you just glad your had the experience of spending some quality time living in an intentional community like EDL?
    I know I am. There are many folks these days with questions on their minds wondering where to turn for meaningful direction. Do you think that maybe we are on the verge of some substantial and larger scale intentional community process that is unfolding?

  5. Deep learning is a major pleasure for me. It is like an investment I can forever draw upon, which makes life happier and easier. Even when events are painful they remain fascinating and instructive. EDL provided many such fascinations (!) and I am thankful for the full spectrum.

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