Interview with Randyl Appel, Host of the New York EDL Family Reunion last weekend

This is the first question for Randyl, and I’ll post his thoughts throughout the week:

Sandy Brown Jensen: Randyl, When did you first get the idea for this New York EDL Family Reunion? Do you remember what you were doing when inspiration struck?

Randyl Appel, Host of the New York EDL Family Reunion

Randyl Appel August 9 at 10:43pm

About two years ago, long lost Emissary friends began popping up on Facebook. It was nothing short of a miracle as I figured we’d really never see each other again.

But everyday, someone else seemed to reappear in my life. The timing was perfect. I was ready to enjoy this amazing community again.

I love to plan and host parties. Did a big 50th for my folks a few years back and then just did my Grandmother’s 100th birthday in Los Angeles. So when all of these old EDL friends started rushing back into my life via Facebook, I began to wonder if there was a party in all of this.

For me, any chaos and rancor and confusion around was long gone. There truly wasn’t a lot for me ever. But I felt nothing but love and I like to turn love into parties. Food, drink, dance, kisses, and party!

Then 18 months ago, I began to post on Facebook the notion of a reunion of sorts that could happen here in my local village of New York City. I didn’t know who. I didn’t know how. I’m not even sure I knew why. But I kept at it and the interest was there immediately!

I got help spreading the word and soon there was critical mass to make this thing happen. I was vigilant about what I wouldn’t tolerate…it was not an event about working out unresolved issues. It was just a party.


8 thoughts on “Interview with Randyl Appel, Host of the New York EDL Family Reunion last weekend

  1. Good job, Randy! Wish I could have been there, I. like you, hold no rancor for the “demise” of the Emmisary form as it was, and just feel great gratitude and love for all we knew then.I, also like you, am finding many old Emissary friends on Facebook…….. this tool IS good for something! (smile)

    I would love to get a list of all the attendees!

    David Banner

  2. Cool. Old EDL friends keep popping into my life too. I currently am parked in my motorhome on Jon le Baron’s farm on Denman Island, for example. And keep in touch with Ron Wilson, who lives on nearby Saturna Island. And as I travel I find many who used to drop in to Kingview, or Glen Ivy, or Sunrise…..the family is alive and well. That amazing time in community was a sacred gift!

  3. Great work Randyl, Sandy and the many superb individuals who took part in the grand adventure that was EDL and still is Life for all of us.

  4. I am going to be so interested to read more re the weekend in NYC. I was in Chicago over thius weekend wiith son James and we thought of you.

  5. Randyl, you elliptical dweeb, you’re the Best of the Best! will come by soon to see for myself the great new swami of nyny. o right, you were always cool! but you have to admit, there always new pinnacles. much love, Achal

  6. Sounds like a blast Randy. Sorry I missed it. I have many “old” Emissaries still in my life – both those no longer associated with EDL and those still in the midst. The latter is especially true since I have been living at Sunrise Ranch for the past 6 months. Would love to see anyone passing through Colorado.

  7. I have been amazed at the flood of re-connection on facebook. Having worked in the Communications Department at Sunrise Ranch for 5 1/2 years, we couldn’t have done a better job of staying connected than we all are doing spontaneously on facebook! I wish I could have been at Randyl’s party to see the fruits of all this communications. But coming from South Africa proved to be out of the question. I’d love to see a list of who finally showed up.
    Well done, Randyl, for responding to a real movement of attraction to each other in friendship.

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